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      I was seventeen years old when that terrible day in Beatles history happened on December 8, 1980. I was a Punk and hadn't really thought about the Beatles' solo careers much at all. But after that day I started to buy up the albums (CDs) and became a bonafide fan. In 2009 I started researching and writing a book I called BEATLES LYRICS 1956-1996. It's so complete that I even got my then-GF to write out the two songs the Beatles recorded in German. She's German. I put it on Flash Drives and sent them out to Paul, Ringo, Yoko and Olivia but of course, there has been No Reply. It's really hard to get a book published! That's a bit about me, I look forward to talking with other Macca fans. I've seen him twice in concert. Good Times!

        Thanks for joining us! Good to have such a thorough fan in the ranks

          Thanks Mr. Spock, I'll have to come up with a cool avatar fairly soon.

            I am a newbie too. I am sure we will enjoy this forum.