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      My name's Teodor and I'm 17 years old fan from Linköping, which is the 5th biggest town of Sweden.. I've been a fan of the Beatles all my life and I've been a fan of Paul since I saw him live in 2011 in Stockholm on his "On the run"-tour. Amazing show.

      I'm a musician,,I'm studying music. I play the drums, guitar, bass, piano and cello. I compose a lot and I play in a band called Tråkaderos (check us out on Youtube and Facebook). We play songs by the Beatles and Paul, and I'm the lead singer and bass player. We're pretty big in Linköping actually!

      Me and my band are going to see Paul in July on his show in Stockholm, which will be even more amazing for me than the last time, now that I know all of Paul's lyrics so that I can sing along until my throat's broken, but that ain't gonna stop me!


        Welcome to the board, Teodor! Enjoy the show

          Hi Teodor,

          Welcome to the message board!

          Have a fantastic time at the concert!

            Thanks a lot! i will!