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      I'm doing research for a book on Kay upright basses. Mr McCartney owns perhaps the most famous existing example, the bass Bill Black played with Elvis. I'm hoping to connect with someone who has access to or has documented this instrument, looking for details of its construction, modification and its Kay serial number. If anyone here can help or can point me to a source, I and thousands of Kay fans would much appreciate it.

      Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ

        You might find more knowledgeable Bill Black people on an Elvis website.

        Here's a video of Paul talking about acquiring it & playing it.

        A few pics...

        Elvis Bill Black Bass Player
        When Nancy Shockley was 4 or 5, she would sometimes awaken in the night to the sound of her father coming home from work, his big "doghouse" bass bumping the furniture.


          oobu24:You might find more knowledgeable Bill Black people on an Elvis website.

          Thanks for the suggestion. We've been hunting for documentation on this bass for many years, and have seen the materials available online. So far no one we've found has had direct access to the instrument, and authoritative details are scarce. I'm hoping someone knows someone with inside access who can help us out.

          Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ