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      `Anyone going? Anyone know of any meetup places ie. Playhouse Square?

      1. Puppywhimpers

        1. Puppywhimpers
        2. crazygina18

          I'll be in Cleveland for both shows #124 and #125

            I'll be there for both!

              I'll be there tmrw! (17th) It's my first and I couldn't be more excited! When I'm finished with them I'll post my signs hopefully by this evening. I made two cause I couldn't decide between them! Maybe someone can suggest which one might get me up on stage! D

                I'll be there 1st night...maybe second night if I find a good last minute deal

                  Both shows #101 and #102

                    pdeese:Both shows #101 and #102

                    Wow!! Do you have a favorite?

                      I couldn't decide which one I liked. Probably will take both. These are my signs I made!