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      The Beatles Red & Blue Greatest Hits CDs when I was a kid at my aunties. Sgt. Pepper, Paperback Writer and A Day In The Life were favorites. 1994 was that? I think so. They were all over the radio ever since I was born so I don't remember The Beatles not being there. I Like the solo recordings that Paul McCartney has made. I wasn't aware that he was so prolific. Tons and tons of material. Here, I wrote out a short list of my favorite Paul McCartney solo recordings.

      Maybe I'm Amazed
      I Am Your Singer (w. Linda McCartney)
      Silly Love Songs (w. Linda McCartney)
      Mull Of Kintyre
      Rockestra Theme
      Eleanor Rigby / Eleanor's Dream
      Wonderful Christmastime
      To You (w. Linda McCartney)
      Eat At Home
      Biker Like An Icon
      Long Haired Lady (w. Linda McCartney)

        Welcome to Pepperland and the never-ending Magical Mystery Tour! Some good song choices there - Maybe I'm Amazed is my favorite solo song of Paul's. My favorite Beatles song of his is Here, There And Everywhere followed closely by I Will.

          Thank you for the welcome, Nancy. Paul McCartney is an icon and The Beatles were truthfully a rare once in a lifetime phenomenon. You won't see another Beatles. In fact, there really aren't great rock bands of that quality that formed in recent years. There's some hefty rockers but not on The Beatles level.