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      Hi there,

      I'm a 22 year old fan from Salzburg, Austria (hence the "creative" username).
      I knew about the Beatles since forever of course (when you learn English as a foreign language you are almost obliged to sing Let it Be and/or Hey Jude at some point in class). However, I started out as a Paul fan not too long ago when I saw him on The Graham Norton Show (for some reason Graham has this "power" to make me like famous people). Anyway, I never really thought I would like his music (I am mor a folky rock kind of person) but I just had to give it a try after his Graham appearance, he is McCharmley after all. While I can't say that I enjoy all of his work (although I always enjoy his voice and positive "energy"), the albums (McCartney, Ram, Wild Life, Band on the Run, Flaming Pie, Chaos & Creation, Kisses on the Bottom) I do like, I really really really love. Also, I can always find one or two songs I like on the albums I don't enjoy so much. And then there are the Beatles albums of course. ;)

      Ask away if you have any questions.


      PS: If there are any albums of his that might fit into the list above, do let me know

        Hi and welcome to the Paul McCartney message forum!
        I hope you enjoy your time here with fellow Paul and Beatles fans!
        If you haven't done so already, you should listen to the "New" cd...I'm sure you'll add it to your list of favorites!


          Welcome to the message board!