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      Hi, I am Blaze. I have enjoyed Paul?s work all my life. I am stopping in to say congratulations and well wishes on Paul?s matrimony. He is a true inspiration. I am appreciative of the McCartney, McCartney II 2011 Remasters, and the additional releases with those remasters. They are very timely for me. God willing, I look forward to finding a bit of peace in them. Meat-free Monday?s sounds like a wonderful opportunity to break out some of my long forgotten vegetarian recipes.

      Congratulations and felicitations to Sir Paul and Lady McCartney,
      Blessed be the Angels that brush your path. ~`~

        Hi Blaze ,,,, welcome to Paul's website.

          from Snorckle!!

            Welcome Blaze!!


                Welcome Blaze!

                  Welcome, Blaze!