Hello Sir McCartney. In Washington DC Aug 10th hope to see u


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      Greetings Everyone.

      I am new to the board and site. Thought I would give a shout out to everyone and say hi.

      I am so looking forward to seeing "one on one" in Washington, DC August 10th, 2016.
      Would be a miricle come true if I were to run into Sir McCartney for a brief momment. I would really like to meet him and tell him thank you in person. Thank you for all the tremendous music and giving of your life to be in the lime light for all of us. I could go on to say I am one of your biggest fans but you have many!

      Hmmm... if only there was a way to tell you in person. Just thought I would try here by the off chance you or people close to you read it. Thank you for everything you have contributed to the music industry for all of us to enjoy.

      This will be my fourth concert to see you. My first was in Seattle, March 1990 in the Kingdome. The second time in the Tacoma Dome and third time in Key Areana (The colusiem) in Seattle. All shows were extroadenly amazing. Now I am on the East Coast and sure this one will be just as spectacular!

      If anyone will be at this concert August 10th, I will be in Section: 102 Row: K Seat 5 & 6. Stop by and say hi if you are close.

      Thank You.