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      Hi everyone! It's been ages since I've posted on here so I thought I'd re-introduce myself! I'm Lauren! I joined the board back in 2002 and used to post here a lot! A lot happened since I've been on here -- I moved to new York and then back to Philadelphia! I'm now engaged and getting married on June 15th this year! I just got a new job where I'm back to working in an office/at a desk so hopefully I'll also be able to have more time to hang out here again! I'm excited to meet everyone new here and chat with old friends!!

        Hi Lauren!

        Welcome back to the message board and to Philly!!!

        Congratulations on your engagement and forthcoming wedding!

          Hi TLP!! It's great to 'see' you!! Thank you so much!

            Hi Lauren...great to have you back!

            Wishing you all the best on your wedding (and new job)!!

              Welcome back, Lauren!

                Thanks DrivinFan and Kimsey!! It's good to be back

                  Welcome back, Lauren! Always good to see a fellow old timer.

                    Oh, there you are! Welcome back.