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        Interesting choice, but I'll take it!

          Thrilled beyond belief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Half hour drive to Venue

              Be careful of the presales and general sales and make sure the tickets are what you want..

              Over the last couple of weeks in Vancouver, Ticketmaster has consistently released new tickets after the general sales first day and are much better than what was available on that first day and in some cases prices reduced.

              Very frustrating and completely unfair to the loyal fans...

                pdeese:yea close by


                not really close for me, but I am gong for it!!! Ontario is near enough!! YAY, MULL!!

                  Just checked on PaulMcCartney.com. for Hamilton, Ont. show. Ticketmaster showed Silver Hot Seat, Section 114, row 17 seat 3 for 522.25 + fees for a total of 525.00 Canadian dollars. It's at the back in the bowl. Nothing cheaper came up .
                  I have given up on Paul McCartney concerts. Will be going to see the Who in Toronto

                    There are a couple of Hamilton tickets posted in the Member Face Value Tickets thread for the standard pricing ($295 plus taxes & fees). You might check those out. I had a heck of a time getting anything other than package deals, too. I finally managed to get 3 nosebleed seats in sec 109 row 12 but at least they weren't too pricey. I only got those by downloading the Live Nation app and doing their presale yesterday. Did anyone manage to get standard tickets today on the public sale?

                      I will be there! Yeah!

                        Have an excellent pair for Hamilton on July 21 - section next to stage - 124 row 22 - face value - $646 Canadian for the pair which is like $508 US - I'd sell for $250, so $500 for the pair which is actually below face value - good deal if someone is looking for good seats!

                          manon:I will be there! Yeah!

                          I'll be there too; yeah, yeah, yeah!!

                            Hi everyone
                            Does anyone have any information about how to request if I can propose to my girlfriend on stage?
                            I'm seeing paul for the 4th time in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on July 21 2016 and I know that occasionally he brings people up on stage for marriage proposals. My girlfriend and I are lifelong mccartney fans and our 2 year old son is also a massive fan.
                            I would love any help that anyone can give me to put me in contact with the right people, my family would be forever indebted.

                              I am selling a ticket, Section 218 Row 10, face value $69.50 plus the fees=CDN$95.
                              Message me if interested.

                                Unfortunately I can no longer make this show, so my pair is up for grabs. I will sell well below cost as long as they go to a fan! They're lower bowl seats, dead center. Let me know if interested and I'll send them your way!

                                  Must sell 2 genuine tickets for the concern at Hamilton, Ontario, as unable to attend.
                                  Section: Lower 117, Row 17. Side-by-side seats. Please let me know. Thanks!


                                    Due to health reasons, we cannot attend Thursday night. Two tickets for sale.....section 105 lower bowl - side stage, row 20, seats are next to each other. Total TM cost is $300 US. I will meet up with anyone in the Rochester area to complete the sale.

                                      I was a bit young to see Paul with the Beatles in the '60s and I can scarcely believe that it's only now, 50 years later, that I'll be seeing him for the first time!

                                      My song request for Hamilton....

                                      For No One is one of the greatest songs ever written and I don't think it gets a fraction of the attention it deserves. Every time I've heard -- since it came out! -- I've just shook my head in amazement. The tiny perfect song!

                                      Paul, please play it in Hamilton and astonish me as never before. Lots of love and all the best!

                                        Birmingham:Ticketmaster showed Silver Hot Seat, Section 114, row 17 seat 3 for 522.25 + fees for a total of 525.00 Canadian dollars.

                                        After you, April 21, I got Sec. 113, rows 4 and 7 for $324 each. Had to get 2 singles though.

                                        My email signature right now says "Ticket------- fees for my McCartney tickets amount to more than I spent to see the other 3 Beatles at 3 different shows!"

                                          On my way to the airport to meet some friends and see the ROCK SHOW!!! Looking forward to another great concert!