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      Excited about today's announcement that Sir Paul will be coming to Hamilton.

        koala1961:Excited about today's announcement that Sir Paul will be coming to Hamilton.

        YESS!! I am already anxious about Monday's pre sale; needing 3 together, but they have to be on the piano side because of neck and shoulder pain/angle issues!! HOPING, but scared that something will be offered on the other side and then it will be too late to find something good!! <3 SIGH

          I hope everyone who was trying to get tickets yesterday to the Hamilton show was successful. I got decent tickets and am very excited. The VIP tickets this time were even more expensive than they were for the Toronto VIP tickets in October. I purchased the Hot Rocks Package in October and it was sooooooo worth it. This time, I didn't have the cash, so I got tickets in Section 122, 8th row. Pretty decent seats and reasonably priced. Cheers everyone....

            I tried to get tickets but no luck. I do see that Stubhub and kijiji have a huge number of tickets being offered at about 250% of face value. Obviously, some know how to work the system and the promoters and performers really don't care if the average fan gets screwed. I'm totally pissed off at the whole promotion/event when I see that they don't really care. I wonder how the performers can live with themselves knowing they are part of this charade. Does anybody know how this happens?