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      My.. I was bored at work today and decided to see if this board still existed. It turns out it did, AND I was able to log on with my old username!

      I was very active on this board around 2005-2007, and I remember Love Sculpture, JeffLynnesBeard, Jonathan, MagicalMysteryGirl, Bill and quite a few more names who were around that time. It's crazy to come back here and read messages fom 10 years ago (10 YEARS!).

      Anyway, I was just wonderin who's still around from that time and if anyone here recognizes my username For all the others, Hi!

        Ha! Same for me! I've been gone a while too (though the board says I signed in on July 6; I don't remember that!)

        Life's just been crazy for me for the past few years; I graduated with my Master's degree and I had a baby! But you all have not been far from my thoughts (especially when I see some of you pop up in the news, like Tom (DrivinFan) and his son James getting to play with Paul: http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/7468464/music-teacher-paul-mccartney-soundcheck)

        Here's me last May just before I had my daughter, wearing a Paul shirt of course:

          I remember your screen name, amandala85, but not Penny Lane. Visited your namesake last week though!

            Welcome back PL!!

              I have been gone forever also, and was surprised I remembered my password!