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      Hi everyone!
      My name is Clement and I'm a young (I'm 14) french fan of Paul since my birth

      I Saw Paul for the first Time ever on 11th June 2015 at Stade de France, It Was just amazing!! I'm hopeful for a new show this year in Paris for the 'One on One' tour!

      I Don't really know what to say ^^'
      So, this is my top 3 of my favorites Paul's songs:
      3- Appreciate
      2- Only Mama Knows
      1- This One

      I'm really Happy to be in this fantastic forum!
      See You next Time!
      PS: Really sorry for my bad English ops:

        hello Clement!

        I have been a fan of the Beatles/Paul since I was 13 years old (many years ago!!)

        I don't know what my top 3 Paul songs are, I love so many of his songs.

        Welcome to the board!! and please don't worry, your English is just fine