Crazy Mom who got Paul's autograph in Toronto, 2015


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      Hello everyone, I am new to this forum thing so I hope I am doing this correctly. I have been a Beatles and Paul McCartney fan for as long as I can remember. I have been to the following McCartney concerts -
      2008 - Plains of Abraham, Quebec City (took my eldest daughter - she was 8 at the time)
      2010 - Toronto, ACC (took my husband)
      2013 - Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa (took my eldest daughter - now 13)
      2014 - Pepsi Centre, Albany New York (took both my daughters ages 14 and 10)
      2015 - Toronto, ACC - got VIP tickets to Soundcheck and were 3rd row on floor and we were called on stage to meet Paul!!!

      My eldest daughter who is now 15 came with me again to the October 17th Toronto show and we managed to get up on stage and got to talk to Paul, hug him and get his autograph on various things, including my arm, her shirt and my youngest daughter's sign....He was so kind, charasmatic, joked with us and just overall made me fall in love with him even more. You know you hear the saying "you should never meet your heroes". Well, in this case, it was a thrill and absolutely incredible to meet him. You can see the video on Youtube - if you search for "Paul McCartney - picks people" the video by Steve Gallows pops up. There is a couple on stage before us who celebrated their 35 anniversary. My daughter and I come on stage at the 1:20 mark. I still get giddy every time I watch it...

      I can't wait to read and be involved in some of the conversations going on in this forum. Cheers everyone.

        You are very lucky! I've been to 2 soundchecks and nobody was called up to the stage!
        Welcome to the forum!

          wow, what amazing memories to have of Paul!!
          i was at the Canadian Tire Centre 2013 to see Paul, it was a dream come true.

          welcome to the forum