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      Hello, fellow Paul McCartney fans! I've been reading the boards here for ages (mostly just the Rock Show threads, actually) and thought it was finally time to become a member myself. I have about a trillion questions about Paul's shows, but perhaps I'll make another thread in Rock Show to address those. I'll introduce myself here!

      My name is David and I'm from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I'm twenty years old, and one of my biggest dreams in life (I'm totally serious) is to see Paul McCartney perform live. Ever since the weeks leading up to his Coachella performance, I've been obsessed (I supposed you could say) with the idea of seeing one of my heroes perform. I've been a huge, huge, huge Beatles fan for most of my life and have a bedroom just covered in Beatles items. My prized possessions are my Beatles records - the really great quality ones are on display, while the beat-up ones I use to play on my turntable. I have four copies (I know, I've seen the confused looks before) of my favourite album of all time, The Beatles / The White Album. I love how they're numbered, and whenever I find one with a lower number than the ones I have, I just have to get it.

      To see Paul in concert would be a major highlight of my life, and would bring all of those years of marvelling over his genius together. Heck, I even freak out over seeing videos of him performing these days, so to see him in person would be phenomenal.
      This year I'm closer than ever to seeing a Paul McCartney concert. After missing him at Coachella I regretted it for months (also considering how the entire line-up that year was mind-blowing, it's a shame I missed it, but oh well). I wasn't able to attend his Halifax show because of other life events, nor his Toronto or Quebec shows because of various big events in the family (my great grandma's 100th birthday!). I seriously considered flying to London for his Hyde Park show, but never went through with it.
      Well, this summer I'll be flying through Chicago on my way home from the Caribbean. I'll be in Chicago on July 28, so if the rumours are true and Paul announces a July 31 show at Wrigley Field, I'll stick around for a few days and my dream will come true. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
      Well, I feel like I wrote a novel there, so I'll stop now. If you've read this far, thank you, and I look forward to chatting with all of you!


        Hi, David!

        Welcome to the forum!

        Good luck with Chicago!!!

          why it took you so long to be a member is free

            Welcome, David! Hope you got yourself a ticket to the Chicago show! Paul is phenomenal live!