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      As you may know, Joplin High School was destroyed by a tornado recently. What you might not know is that the Joplin High Band lost everything from sheet music to instruments to uniforms.
      It took with it the band, orchestra and choir rooms. The band lost all its instruments (please see list below), uniforms, sheet music, music library, etc.

      If you can help or lend support in any way, the good folks at Joplin High would like to hear from you.

      McCartney Fans Unite...

      Instrument needs list for Joplin High School

      6 Piccolos
      10 flutes
      5 Oboes
      3 Bassoons
      3 A Clarinets
      1 Eb Clarinet
      12 Bb Clarinets
      2 Alto Clarinets
      9 Bass Clarinets
      2 Contra-alto Clarinet
      2 Contra-bass Clarinet
      2 Soprano Saxes
      8 Alto Saxes
      8 Tenor Saxes
      4 Bari Saxes
      12 Cornets
      15 Trumpets
      2 Flugelhorns
      3 Herald Trumpets
      14 Mellophones
      10 Baritones
      7 Tenor trombones
      7 Tenor trombones with F attachments
      2 Bass Trombones
      12 French Horns
      8 Concert Tubas
      8 Sousaphones
      6 Marching Snares with stands
      6 Marching Basses with stands
      4 Quints (Tenors) with stands
      8 sets of crash cymbals
      1 marching grand marimba
      1 marching baby marimba
      1 marching xylophone
      2 marching vibes
      1 marching bell set
      1 marching chimes
      1 marching Bass Drum (concert)
      1 marching timpani
      1 Concert Grand marimba
      1 Concert baby marimba
      1 Concert xylophone
      1 Concert vibes
      1 Concert Bells
      1 set of crotales