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      Dear paul. I've been dreaming that I've met you many many times. it's like a wierd reality even though it's a dream. I wake and i can remember it all. from the first dream where you played in a small auditorium and the wooden folding chairs were kind of scattered. to big shows where you are hanging out at my place with the band and Linda too. the point is when you get to comerica on july 24th. I will be in the 4th row for the sound check. you could make all those years of dreams come true if i could sing i saw her standing there on stage during the sound check. you'll see me holding the big sign requesting to sing on stage with you. i saw you was back on Ed's show and i've been singing ever since then. many bands many songs. but this one event would just about complete my life. think about it. Joe Toth detroit michigan you can hear me sing a few of your tunes on myspace.com/streetheartdoowops..thanks for your time
      I saw you at olympis in 76 for 10.00 this time 1500.00 for the chance to sing on stage.

        Welcome to the board. Those are always lovely dreams, aren't they?