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      Hello everyone! My name is Jon, I'm 27, and I have lived my entire life in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. I have been a Macca/Beatles fan for about 4 years. I have almost every known release of the Fabs music, solo and as a group. I've been waiting for the chance to go see Paul all this time and will finally get the chance on July 24 at Comerica Park.

      My favorite post-Beatles Paul works are McCartney, Band on the Run, Wings at the Speed of Sound, Tug of War, Choba B CCCP, Unplugged, Flaming Pie, and Memory Almost Full. I also love the others too, but those are the ones that really strike my fancy most.

      Other loves/interests include Jesus, my family/friends, NASCAR racing, American history, and classic rock.

      Been an occasional lurker here for a while and I'm now proud to be a member of the board. Can't wait to interact with you all!

        Hi Jon!

        Welcome to the forum!

        Sooooo happy to learn that you will have the opportunity to see Paul on the 24th!!! Looking forward to reading about your fantastic experience!!!

          Welcome, Jon!