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      Hi all,

      I am Martyn from Wirral, Merseyside. I'm 27 and been a Beatlemaniac since my early teens. Shamefully I have never delved deep enough into the fabs' solo careers for my liking, have some stuff but there are plenty of gaps that I've been addressing over the past year, and I guess part of the reason I'm here is to find out a bit about the stuff I don't know too well.

      I have three daughters, aged eight and four-year old twins, they are all Beatles-mad. The eldest has loved them for a while but the twins are captivated now after we took them to The Beatles Story in Liverpool a couple of weeks back, they even watched A Hard Day's Night before bed last night.

      Anyway, looks good here and looking forwards to chatting with you all.

        Martyn, a big welcome to you! I wish I could rediscover their solo stuff all over again... It's wonderful hearing it all for the first time! Mind you, it's wonderful every other time after that also.

        Enjoy the board!

          Hi Martyn! Welcome

          I'm discovering some wonderful material of Paul now that I didn't know either..! because, like you, I have always loved Beatles. But he is great, and we have to make the most of him!!!

          How great are your daughters!! ja.

          I'm 21 and I fell in love with Beatles while watching a special program about them on tv, when I was 12.

          Now, I'm looking forward to going some Paul's concert...! I've never gone to anyone! . But I'm saving some money, in case of the opportunity!! (sorry if my English is not perfect..I'm from Uruguay ).

          Well, greetings!!

            Hi Martyn,

            Welcome to the forum!

            Thrilled to learn that your little ones LOVE the Beatles as well!