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      Hi. Very moved to be here. I am a Brazilian fan since the so called early days, since 1964, actually. First time in a board for him located inside his own page. I had never had a chance to see him...but, in fact, during a short time in London, I was one of the Apple scruffs... Anyway, I love the guy and I say my hello to all of you.

        Welcome to the board, sertaneja!

          Hi Sertaneja and welcome to Paul's message forum!
          With several concert dates officially announced for South America, I hope you get a chance to go.


            Welcome to the message board!

              Thank you all so much for this warm reception. In fact he is coming to South America. Other countries, though. Too far. Last year he came to Brazil. He gave a concert in a city only 420 km from mine. Never so close! However the tickets were sold in just a few hours. Besides, my mother was too sick in the hospital, I could not leave her. She passed away in september. A friend of mine went to see him in another city and brought me a souvenir...It's here in front of my eyes. it's a chart ( sorry if the name is incorrect) about Meatless Sunday. Two years ago I started a campaign here for Meatless Sunday. But people didn't care. I shall try again now I have this precious chart. My friend told me the stage was full of green insects...they "landed" on his back, on the piano...they were lucky fans so close to him. It was beautiful to see, as if they were really appreciating the music.