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      New to the forum but not new to Paul McCartney. Paul is 8 1/2 years my senior so those of you that can do math and know Paul's age can figure my age out.

      I have loved his music right from the beginning when he was part of the Beatles. I have followed his career and I amazed at the variety of his talent in the area of music.

      Recently, I actually wrote my first song called Neverland of My Heart. I wrote and composed (the melody, that is) it but I am having a friend doing the arrangement for it. I have done silly little diddles and lots of poetry but never a full song. I hope to send it to Paul when it is completely done.

      History of the song: My nickname is Tink and I have always seen Paul as my Peter. His music taught me to believe in the magic of music. Neverland is where my feelings are for those who have taught me something in my life but are either no longer here or somewhere unreachable. I hope to eventually share my song here or on Youtube.

      I hope to join in many conversations here in the forum and hope to finally see Paul this summer in Boston on July 17.


        Welcome aboard Tink! Glad to have another longtime fan join the ranks.

        That song sounds interesting, feel free to share more details about it on our "What's That You're Doing?" Forum here: