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      Greetings! I am Tillymint from the UK! 22 and fresh out of Uni trying to navigate the world. I've been a Beatles fan for a few years. I put off joining the Maccaboard for a few months as I've had some bad experiences on message boards in the past but I finally decided to give it a shot! It does look like there's a good vibe around here!
      I'm just starting to get into the Beatles solo careers, not having the money to get a whole lot of their stuff. It took a while to get the chunk of Ringo albums I have (and still not all!) And I have started getting Paul albums! Any recommendations would be great!

        Welcome to the forum! It's so much fun having a forum full of Beatles / Paul fans, isn't it? I love it. I'm sure you won't have a hard time here. The people seem very nice so far!

          Welcome to the board!!

          Glad to have you with us

            Tilly mint is the name of one of Ken dodds diddy men

              Do you live near Chester? Love that city!