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      I'm just trying to reach Paul with the innocence of a kid that thinks that he or somebody close to him will read this.

      I develop virtual musical instruments, also called sample libraries, see Wavesfactory dot com. I recently recorded Freddie Mercury's grand piano at Metropolis Studios in London.
      As a huge Paul's fan I would like to do a series of instruments based on him and his recording studio in Hogg Mill Hill, recording and sampling his instruments there.

      I would like to make that proposal to him / his team but I tried to reach them via so many sources and none of them worked for now. I'm sure that if I could explain that to him directly he would love the idea, again I may be too innocent.

      If someone reads this and feels like he/she can be of any help, I would appreciate that so much.

      Thank you,

        Whoah you got a tough hill to climb! I've been trying to musical contact with Paul for over 35 years ( 38 ). But I would advise studying two things: vocals, especially the harmonies, and bass playing.

        He did incredible harmonies with the Beatles --- as well as write many of their most famous songs. Listen closely to the harmonies in "Nowhere Man". They are tight and spot on.

        Paul's song writing attributes -- well, need I say more.

        Bass playing -- this some very sophisticated musical talent. If you took Baroque writing or 4 part harmony, you will see just how complex some of these bass lines are. It all came natural to him. With a collection of some 229 original compositions and a bunch more covers, Paul filled in the blanks. Seriously, monstrously good bass playing.

        Sometimes when a song doesn't have a great hook, you find the hook in Paul's bass. Or his voice. If you can get anywhere, study that little Hoffner and see how he turned nothing into magic.

          Hate to burst your bubble Jesus, but getting Paul's "ear" is next to impossible. Unless one of his inner circle is related to you or a super close friend, you have virtually no chance.
          Maybe if you were the Jesus, you'd stand a chance!
          P.S. It's Hog, not Hogg, and hoodatnva, it's Hofner, not Hoffner.