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      Hello Paul and Everyone,

      I've followed Paul and the Beatles since I was 9 years old, after seeing the Beatles on Thank Your Lucky Stars in 1963. That year, when they came to my hometown (Leicester UK), my parents deemed me too young to go, and I had to imagine the show through the eyes of my sister. Made up for this in some way by seeing Paul and Wings live in Leicester several years later.

      On 9th December 1980, the day after John died, I met Julien Lennon in Ruthin, North Wales. That meeting will stay in my memory forever.

      Another close encounter.... I was living on the Isle of Bute when Stella got married at Mount Stuart House.

      So I'm a lifelong Beatle/Macca fan who is now living and working in China (I teach Chinese students mathematics in an international High school in Suzhou, a city close to Shanghai). Love it here, and always happy to meet any Beatles/PM fans in China.

      So, is a tour of China on the cards one day, do you think?


        Welcome to the board Steve!

        And wow, some close encounters you've had over the years!

        -Rubber Soul13

          Hi Steve,
          I'm Zoe from Texas. My family and I moved to China when I was 7 and we've been living in Beijing ever since. I've been to Suzhou several times, beautiful city indeed!
          As a huge PM&Beatles fan, I sadly haven't encountered many Chinese fans myself, but I believe there are many of them out there. After all who doesn't love the Beatles?
          If my memory serves me right, Paul said he would like to come to China in an interview last year, and I can't see why, especially after Seoul 2015 concerts, he would neglect China in the future.