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      Hi everybody !!!
      My name is Gianluca, beatles fan since ever. It's nice to join this big family.
      On November 26th I'll be in Bologna with my 4 years old daughter Alma.
      The first time Alma saw the Abbey Road album cover, she told me "Paul has no shoes,
      we should buy him a pair". It seemed to me a good idea, so we will take the shoes
      for Paul in Bologna, hoping to meet him.
      Does anyone know his shoe size?
      Thank you!!!

        Paul's height is reported to be around 178cm and as shoe size has a rough relationship to height (I read Sherlock Holmes novels as boy and science has supported that since) that height would suggest a size 44 European, 10 US, 9.5 UK.

        However remember that Paul doesn't wear shoes manufactured with animal products so your choices will be limited - even restricted and pricey.

        If you do follow this plan up, just don't build your child's hopes up that the plan might lead to a meeting with Paul, prepare the shoes with a covering letter explaining the Abbey Road cover link, maybe some drawings - perhaps a copy of the Abbey Road cover? - if you are comfortable perhaps a photo of your daughter holding the shoes and pictures, and package them loosely so security can examine the package without ripping the wrapping. Then encourage her to expect to hand them to a member of staff to be taken back-stage.

        Her dream will be realised without the disappointment of not being able to hand them to Paul herself.

        At any Paul concert there are many like-minded individuals with similar inventive ideas to grab a moment of Paul's time, a few will succeed but the majority will not, so take care not to disappoint your daughter.

        Best wishes


          shoes song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpxBfhJIJPM

            Paul's height is reported to be around 178cm

            i've heard that his heigh was about 1.80 but 1.78 seems more acurate,do you know John's?i've heard tha Ringo is about 1.70

              Hi Gianluca!

              Welcome to the forum!

              So happy to learn that you and your daughter will be attending Paul's concert on the 26th!

              LOVE your story! Alma's thoughtful comment very much reminds me of the sweet comments my children would make as Paul's history unfolded for them. Children are sooooo cute at this age, as they are not fully able to put the timeline together - enjoy this time with your daughter to the fullest!!!

              In 2006, Paul had donated worn shoes to be auctioned for No More Landmines' Give Landmines the Boot campaign. At that time, Paul's shoe size was reported to be 9.5 UK.

              Have you ever shown Alma the alternate pictures from the Abbey Road photo shoot? Does she know that Paul had worn toe ring/loop sandals that day? Cruelty-free toe ring/loop sandals are inexpensive and plentiful. Perhaps this would be a thoughtful and inexpensive option, and could be easily tied in with the Abbey Road theme.



              Best of luck with your dream of meeting Paul - hope you and Alma have the time of your lives at Paul's concert!!!

                I just saw an old interview of Paul on youtube where he says he's 5'11"
                Don't know what that is in cm off the top of my head.
                Ringo is about 5'8" and George & John were a tad shorter than Paul.


                  It is a typical sweet story of a four year old. But sorry: 4 years old! Much too young in my opinion to talk about "building up hopes" etc. or go to a popconcert in the first place. She has no idea whatsoever what Paul and the Beatles are all about although the music will appeal to her at this early age. If I were you, I would go to the concert alone and leave my little daughter at home with her toys. Have a great time!

                    While on the subject of younger fans attending concerts - do not forget their hearing is not used to the volumes at concerts and the noise can be frightening - and potentially damaging to young ears.

                    Buy ear protection - either ear muff type or in-ear plugs - and get the young children to practice wearing them before the show - believe you me they will reach for them without prompting once the show starts.