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      Hi there
      I bought maccas NEW album on vinyl the other day and I used the mp3 code on his website to download it into my iPod. It didn't download and when I tried to do it again,it said my code had been redeemed. So I didn't get the digital copy and there seems to be no way of contacting anyone about this.
      Can anyone help.

        Hi and welcome to the message board.

        Sorry to learn that you are experiencing issues with your NEW download. For assistance please see the following:

        Topspin's Paul McCartney FAQ section may be found here:


        Topspin's general download FAQ section may be found here:


        If the solution to your problem is not found within Topspin's McCartney specific or general download FAQ sections, you may contact Topspin Customer Support for further assistance here:


        I hope this information helps.