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      Hi my name is Ursula and I'm from Wahiawa, Hawaii - Oahu. My dad raised my sister, myself and now our children on the Beatles, Wings and each Beatles respective solo music. I don't recall a day growing up that I never heard either Paul singing. It's almost the same for my children and I love to hear them suddenly starting singing one of his songs. I can't wait to do the same with my grandchildren.

      Although I had been on the main site before, I never visited the forum until last week. It's been really sweet reading everyone's stories and love. I look forward to reading and participating more.

        Hi Ursula!

        Welcome to Paul's message board!

        Lovely to learn that your LOVE for Paul and The Beatles is multigenerational, no doubt this makes for great family gatherings!

          Welcome, Urusula!
          Glad you could make it all the way from the islands!