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       Wow Wow Wow. Im a fan from when I was ?? maybe 4 years old. Then when i started school there was a TV show with a cartoon with the beatles, and  the words at the bottom of the screen lol with a bouncing ball so u can follow the words......... I think this is why we all know the words. 

      Well when the Beatles broke up I was mortified, but then along came wings and I flew  along with the band,  as a band of inmats on the run..  raming   along the red rose speedway....... at the speed of sound...... Ringo , John and George were there too., We all had a blast along  in Ye old  London Town.   More mortified at the death of John, then George.. and now David Bowie ..

      Spent my teen years with wings, Bowie and some others, including rockin Rod, Slade Framton, Kate Bush , Cat Stevens and  some great Aussie acts including skyhooks & ACADACA,. I had my mum and Dad to thank for love of music . Well have carried it with me , my love of music .

      Last night was  very emotional for me and many other friends who  I spoken to about the Melbourne Concerts, December 5 & 6th 2017..  The musicality was brilliant. Paul's fingers are so adept at the guitar and keyboards. his band are skilled musicions and singers.. such characters,,, spec the drummer.. great percussion.. great everything.

      But Paul, you were spectacular...... you shared the love last night, thank you from me, for sharing such personal stories and music , you played for all the people you love.  I was amazed........ My life's dream ,but i never knew it would be so so wonderfulllllllllllllll  xxx