The veggie struggle


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       After my accident at the age of 7 upon waking out of death I wanted to be a vegetarien but my parents would not let me

      so when I had my own place in 1979 I ordered a pizza from a restaurant and I asked for a vegetarien pizza the person on the other side of the phone asked what a vegetarien pizza was and I said its an all dressed without the peperoni he felt insulted and stated we do not make that and I said come on just dont add the pepperoni he then stated that he will charge me three dollars more for not adding the pepperoni and I said what you are going to charge me 3 dollars more for putting less in and he said yes and I said OK ... and it was GREAT!!!

        If a margherita costs more than sausage, pepperoni and bacon, it's time to find a new pizza place.