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      This will be the pre-sale thread for Paul's concert at Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan on August 15.

      Tickets will be available via Ticketmaster from 8am (local / 1pm BST) on Thursday 28th April. Below are the link and password details:

      Link: http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/08005094D48B3BB6?did=cy75xfykzh
      Password: 1ON1WITHPAUL

      If you have any questions or issues with the pre-sale please post them in this thread. We will be online 30 minutes before tickets go on sale to answer any queries.

      All the best!


        Getting ready for the pre-sale to start in 30 minutes. Good luck everybody! May we all land the tickets we want!

          That was harder than the Crowd Surge pre-sales. Took forever to get any tickets to come up. But did finally get tickets, though not the tier I wanted. Lucky to get anything, I guess.

          Good luck!

            Missed the alert on my phone and logged in 5 minutes after the presale started...all gone. Hope everyone else had better luck!

              I was here when the sale began. COuld not get tix at any price south of $1600. Very disappointed.

                This was definitely a stinky experience compared to the CrowdSurge presales. Was on right at 8 and no tickets were available almost instantly. Well, tickets under $400 that is.

                  cghastings@sbcglobal.net:I was here when the sale began. COuld not get tix at any price south of $1600. Very disappointed.

                  I feel that pain. And that makes me feel slightly better. I splurged on a Hot Sound package at Wrigley Field in Chicago a few years ago and it was amazing, but I just can't justify that kind of money this time. Oh well, guess we have to do battle with the rest of the gazillion people on Monday.

                    I have not posted for quite a while but I have to say the handling of the pre-sale for grand rapids was and is PATHETIC.. in many different ways. Go back to crowdsurge. It is like they are trying to force the fans of this forum to but the premium packages. sad sad sad.

                      I, too, was disappointed in the difficulty of the presale. I was ready at 8 am, even had the presale code ready to 'paste' into the code box...only to find out it was not accepted. I had to type the code in by hand before it would work. I was eventually able to get a so-so single seat, which I bought so I could at least have a ticket. I won't be able to participate in the general sale on Monday since I will be at work.
                      In the past I have been able to get decent tickets just by periodically checking back on the sale, but it takes some (a lot of) luck to find them. And with a smaller venue such as this, the tickets will be fewer to come by.
                      All that being said, I appreciate the opportunity the presale gives me to buy a ticket. It just seems like the odds of getting one are slimmer each go around.

                        I too have alway got a ticket that I wanted this will be my 22nd show of Paul's so I have done this before...one of the things that amazes me is look on the TM site at the length of time the fans and forum pre sale runs, it is like 48 hours. Why? they know the amount of demand Paul always gets yet some how they are out of tickets and do not release anymore?? it makes no sense. The other thing that surprised me is that how often do you see TM start selling at 8 am never it is always 10:00..my fault for not checking the time but they whole thing sucks. But oh well.