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      Just wanted to start an "Instructions and Help" thread for posting photos here... people can add to this as we learn more...




      (This is how I do it, others may have other ways they find best....)

      Click on the picture icon, at top of create a new thread or New reply  box. 

      You'll see the "Image properties" box pop up

      Paste your image link into the URL box.  

      A preview will pop up in your compose box. 

      If the photo looks ok to you, you can click "OK" at bottom to post

      (You can make photo smaller or larger before "OK"  by following steps below in "ADJUSTING SIZE OF PHOTOS" below...... see at point "Click on photo"... and ignore that it's a quote )




      This is how you can make photos smaller in a QUOTE you're replying to... this works on laptops and PCs, but people with IPads, IPhones and Tablets are having trouble using this method...

      Click on QUOTE-- of post you want to reply to

      Click on photo within quote 

      You should see some little boxes on each corner of photo, and at sides... that means you're in edit mode for the photo...

      In edit mode, hover your mouse over one of the small boxes. 

      You should see a diagonal top & bottom arrow. 

      Click on box/arrow and drag mouse in direction you'd like, to adjust size of photo, then stop and release mouse when it's how you want.

      Type whatever message you want to include

      Click REPLY to post. 

        Want to add that when reducing photos in a quote, it's been discovered that the photos always go back to their original size after 30 minutes.

        Calico has seen there's a problem with this, and hopefully there will be a way for that glitch to be fixed soon.