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      Which album of Paul's is better?

      Memory Almost Full
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      Hi! I'm new to Maccaboard. My name is Alanna, and I am from Washington State! I amĀ  a senior in high school but am currently enrolled in a running Start program with the local community college! I have always lOVED The Beatles and Paul. Any day that isn't spent listening to at least one song from Paul is a day wasted, I think. My passion for The Beatles started mainly in middle school, but I first started listening to them when I was three years old, in my parents' car. Through elementary school, I started reading the Harry potter series and became really passionate about that series. In sixth grade, I started listening to The Beatles again, and it blossomed into a passion and infatuation that can only grow! My favorite record of Paul's is probably either McCartney, Memory Almost Full, or NEW. Also, I was wondering, how do you submit questions for Whom The Bells Toll for Paul to answer?