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      I'm hoping to get tickets for Ottawa at tomorrow's pre-sale. I've seen references to a password. Can anyone tell me if there is a password involved and at what point it's given to you? Other than that, I think I understand the process.

      I wish there were an AmEx pre-sale for this show! I'm an old hand at that.

      Thanks for any help!

        Hi and welcome to the message board

        Please register your e-mail at the main site to be eligible to participate in fan pre-sales.

        You may register your e-mail address here:


        Please note that each pre-sale has an eligibility deadline for e-mail registration.

        Hope this helps.

        Good luck with getting tickets!

          It's possible that the venue may have its own presale which would require a passsord, or there might be a presale for Senators season ticket holders which would need a password. None needed for the fan presale, tho!

            I'm already registered on the website, so I'm ready to go. But I was confused about references to a password. Glad to know there isn't one involved.

            Would you recommend taking the first set of tickets that comes up (I need four), or trying a couple of times in the hope of a better set? I will be trying for the top price tickets. I don't want to miss out entirely!

              It's more difficult to get four together than it is to get two pair.

              Other than that advice, the decision is yours.