Vision Quest with Beatles Revolver track "Love you to"?


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Posted by ChrisRoland

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      Hi Paul,

      I've just returned from my fourth and probably last Vision Quest, supported by my Native American mentor for the past 14 years. A Vision Quest involves sitting alone in one spot on a mountain top for 4 days and nights with no food or water, and only a blanket. I do this to better myself so that I can help better the lives of others. On this last Vision Quest the moment my supporters left me on the mountain the Beatles song 'Love you to' played over and over in my head for the full four days, day and night. The only time it didn't play was while I was meditating or praying, but even then managed to sneak in now and then. It was so incessant that I had to repeat to myself, "Mind still", and this would fade the song away for a short bit.

      Ultimately, I surrendered to the song, knowing that it was there for a reason that escaped me in the moment. When I came down from the mountain I mentioned this to my mentor. He suggested that when we go on the hill, it's not unusual to drift away into other places, and that the song, something familiar, may have been there to keep me from drifting off permanently. That made some sense, knowing what I have been through on four Vision Quests. I also thought perhaps there was some meaning or background to the song that was resonating for me at an energetic level. The lyrics are certainly in alignment with my own feelings, but if there is something else behind this song that can be shared, I would love to know. Many thanks in advance.

      As we say Mitakuye Oyacin - Chris