Youtube Shooter a Vegan Activist


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Posted by HaileyMcComet

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      So the chick that shot up the Youtube building yesterday killing three people is a vegan activist.  She was upset over Youtube's new filters causing her to lose followers.  


      This is why I left the animal rights movement.  I would hear a lot of violent talk especially against women.  Sure, I don't like pictures of hunters posing with their dead animals smiling especially when it's a trophy pic like a big cat.  No one is eating those or using them for anything useful.  

      But whenever it's a female hunter, the sexual assault comments always come out as well as the sexist name calling.  

      Personally, the movement needs to address this terrorist problem.  She wasn't even saving animals with what she did.  

        Did she shoot up Youtube because she was vegan or because she blamed them for her loss of revenue?