should I do Desert Trip or go for Hot Sound?


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      you never know when the last tour will be.....my gut tells me Sir Paul takes next year off and goes out for his 75th birthday including a huge tribute show
      With that being said should I upgrade to $1600 for a show this summer or should I use that money to go to Desert Trip?
      I had my private concert in 2007 when I won tickets for the Memory Almost Full promotion concert at the Highline in NYC and front row (less the extras) for face at MN this year. I think I answered my own question

        You are right, we never know when the last tour will be. Which is why I ordered a center 5th row seat for the two nights he is playing D.C. I ordered a ticket for the second night in case one seller falls through.
        He hasn't played the arena in downtown Washington in 11 years and I'm not betting he will be back.
        I prefer an indoor arena to a way too large football or baseball stadium.

          Apples and oranges, I think, because Desert Trip is a completely different experience than a Paul show plus a soundcheck. obviously you get the 3 nights and the other 5 bands. And tickets are sold out, so you have to trust the secondary market for wristbands that are not fake, unless you buy from Viagogo, which is the official reseller for Desert Trip.

          So I think it just depends on whether you want to see Paul solely, or take in the weekend festival experience of Desert Trip which is Paul + 5.