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Posted by Nancy R

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      I talked to a technical support person at Instagram (took a long time to actually find a toll free number, but I did!)  and just wanted to make Paul's tech support team and fans aware of an instagram bug/glitch related to Paul's official account there.  

      I usually post a positive comment whenever a photo is uploaded to Paul's Instagram.  Recently, after posting a positive comment, I had 12 Paul fan accounts that started following me at the same time... all with similar names, except for 1 or 2 letters, and for some reason couldn't remove them from my list.  Then a day or so later all of those accounts were gone from my followers, and when they left there was a glitch which "unfollowed" most all of my instagram friends, including Paul's official account... only had 2 friends that weren't unfollowed.   (An ex-boyfriend of mine wondered what he had done, "I thought we were still friends!" lol  I told him there was a glitch and just clicked "follow" again on his account... He laughed and said, I know you'd never unfollow Paul McCartney on purpose so there HAD to be a bug, and that made him feel better )

      Anyway, when I talked to support at Instagram, they said there's malware apps that can somehow attach themselves to a "follow list" of high profile accounts that have over a million users, and will create fake accounts to "follow" users in order to hack into said high profile accounts and into the accounts of the followers.. similar to what happens on Facebook sometimes.    The tech support guy tried to explain to me that the malware apps had something to do with  algorhythms, and the users that interact the most with an account are usually targets...  but after he started talking about algorhythms, that was way over my head, lol...  He said that it's a constant battle to try and fix these glitches, there's new ones appearing all the time, but they're trying to create ways of blocking them... they seem to attach themselves to followers lists on accounts with very huge numbers.... Best advice he could give was to always delete or block suspicious accounts immediately, and just re-follow any accounts if they somehow show you aren't a follower....

      Anyway, wasn't sure where to post this, it's a tech support issue that I thought Paul's tech support people should be aware of... and there isn't a way for me to send a direct message to his account on instagram.  (I have a very old flip phone so am not able to use/download all features that Instagram offers.)  Thought they'd want to know though because Paul has a new album coming out and probably will be touring as well and wouldn't want him to get a lot of unintentional "unfollows" that could affect the numbers of his account.  


        I noticed someone is following me on Twitter that is not the real Paul, but his Twitter name makes it look like he is! Need to block him.

        Found 3 bogus Pauls and blocked them!