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      Paul McCartney Announces ‘Egypt Station’ Album, Talks Retirement, Drops Two New Songs (Listen)



        The take-away from that:

        "Little gigs" in July... I assume it's akin to the pop-up concerts that surrounded the releases of NEW & MAF.

        "Bigger productions after that"...I assume this would be the loosely rumored "world tour" that creeps up here and there. My guess would be US dates in Sept/Oct based on the release date and the fetival gig in Texas. Perhaps South American in November and Europe in December?

          Once again he says "no plans to retire".  Haha. Let's see how many reports get it wrong again this year! I already saw something here about a "farewell tour". Him, Dylan,  and the Stones just keep on truckin'. Talk about pushing the envelope, these guys will probably keel over on stage! 

            Why open a new thread for this? Already reported in Egypt Station thread. 

            Mod, please merge. Thanks.

              Sorry, the link was in the 2018 tours thread, but was not clickable there.