Learning to play bass guitar , though I'll never be as good as Paul!


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Posted by HaileyMcComet

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      I've always loved the Beatles music and Pauls music and just started playing bass.  Started with happy birthday and working my way up to classic Beatles!

      I'm sure there's a million tribute bands, but I'm just doing it for fun as a hobby right now:)

      Yay 4 Paul and his Hoffner ignition "violin" bass (which is incorrectly nicknamed, as it matches a double bass shape with the curves, not the right angle violin.  )  Just seems funny as I look into these...Signed Paul McCartney "violin bass" 

      Does anyone else find this mislabeling odd?


      Leo Macdonald


        Leo, please, if you’re going to play bass, learn how to spell Hofner! 😂  And I assume you meant you started with the Beatles song “Birthday?” That’s a hard one! 

        And, I don’t find the fact that they call it a “violin” bass odd or incorrect. It is shaped close enough to a violin for me.




          Calling it a violin bass makes more sense than calling it a bass bass.

          If you're just starting out, Sting has some good bass parts that are very easy to hear.  Some of Paul's best work was mixed down on ancient equipment.