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      Dean Martin was catching my eyes when he turned up! Singing "WELCOME TO MY WORLD"

      Dean Martin Show Is the best I have seen, it started 1965 in Sweden and stops in early 70:s.

      Rio Bravo, Wild West.  My best Western Film, but there are not easy to find with Dino!

      Goldie Hawn! - Girl whit Fnitter! ( Or Fnatter)  This is a Funny Sketch, But its over to say that to dark and boss or Decider!

      Mixed some of the best of Dino!   32.10 in the Vidoe its a Girl I hade a crushed on I was 9 Years about. But Who is he?

      Dean was Not a Loud to go to James Deans Funeral. He went, but didnt Talk to someone! - He was realy Sorrow couldnt talk anybody in Months!

      James Dean had been Missing and turns up Dead! - Dean Martin Was his Godfather!

      Welcome to My World   You can find a lot of difrent style in Music he singing!  - He did a Country record - wich I Never Found!

      Dino Modena Ferrari - Is probable Dean Martin! Dino Fiat.