Winnipeg, MB - Bell MTS Place- 9/28- CONFIRMED


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      SusyLuvsPaul wrote:

      Wowza...just saw some Winnipeg concert You Tube Vids from last night, first one "Come On To Me" with a gorgeous blue laser  flashing light filled stage in a  shining brand new stadium capacity 30,000...what a glorious production ! Complete with horns, and I loved Wix's organ playing on this and Rusty's slide guitar, and Paul must have been hittin' the horehound drops beforehand 'cause he sounded mighty good and was rocking tough blue jeans, that cute navy Stella-designed (probably) jacket and a blinding white shirt and rocking that tough strong masculine stance I like to see on stage playing his guitar; he sure looked fine ! "Come On To Me" really rocks the joint !Then saw them perform "Band on the Run," also quite exciting and impressive. I notice they did "Mull of Kintyre" and went all out, and "Here Today" and "Blackbird." Haven't seen those three yet. More will be added, no doubt, check it out

      It was amazing. I posted a few to Youtube. I have many to go through still.