GALAXY ACOUSTIC SOUND BOOTH words by Terri Kay Emanuel


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      MVMT I

      My spirit is soaring; yet my heart is shipwrecked.

      A culmination of my life's work; although we've barely scratched the surface

      MVMT II

      By invitation only; welcome to my wall of florid sound;

      a room filled w/glass pannelled mirrors

      Galaxy Acoustic Sound Booth

      a place to undrape inhibition; intimate virtuoso exhibition

      consummate connection

      O ave maria

      mellifluent caged bird singina a cappella spinning round + round

      insouciant reverie unbound...

      MVMT III

      ...pyrotechnic polyhedron her glorious bittersweet melody

      deeply resonant inside giza pyramid spiralling cathedral

      fearless essence vulnerable vibe transcend corporeal earthbound life.