A new song of mine: I Yearn For The Past


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      I would like to share a new song of mine which I'll release on a new album later this year. It's called 'I Yearn For The Past'. I've always been a big Beatles and McCartney fan. Right now I'm working on songs for my own new 3th album. 

      Some reviewers of the song said this:

      I liked the lyrics"How much more can I take" "I yearn for....". It resonates to all listeners. The tone of the voice is pleasing and soft. The song does have a retro feel from around late 80s. The guitar was impressive. I could not stop listening. The vocals really drew me in. I would recommend to my friends. I would love to hear others from this artist.

      I liked the catchy nature of the song while the song still had it's own original sound, lyrics, and instrumentals. The lyrics fitting in and their meaning is my favorite part of the song, and I think it is very well produced and original song.

      This song has a Grateful dead vibe to it. I love classic rock and this totally takes me back. The singer has a very unique voice. The lyrics are catchy and I could see people at a festival singing along and enjoying this song.

      I like the lyrics of this song, as well I also like the singer's voice and the instrumental. I also like the vibe I felt when I was hearing this song.

      Click here to listen to song: I Yearn For The Past

      I would love to hear your opinion.