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      These teenagers from East Anglia (UK) have just released their second album, I'm All Ears. Playing catch up, I'm now getting into their debut from 2016, I,Gemini. I'm currently alternating between both these rather fine albums.

      From I, Gemini,the moody opening track, Deep Six Textbook.




        Congratulations to Let's Eat Grandma on winning Best Album of the Year, for I'm All Ears, at the Q Awards in London this evening. 

        My personal favourite track from this wonderful album, 'Donnie Darko'.


          'I'm All Ears' was nominated for Best Album at this years Ivor Novello Awards but sadly lost out yesterday to the Idles album. Still, congratulations to Jenny & Rosa for at least having Let's Eat Grandma's second album nominated. 


            Following nearly two years of silence, Let's Eat Grandma have teasingly posted on social media three photographs of (time lapsed) swirling colours under a heading of HALL OF MIRRORS.

            A new single and album on their way hopefully. 

              Okay,so no one else is really interested in Let's Eat Grandma like I am but I'll do my little bit to share their music in case anyone might like them. 

              I must say though that I wasn't too sure when I first heard their new single, 'Hall Of Mirrors' but after a few plays it did suddenly click and now I just love it. Its not their best work for sure but as a new single then I think it does work just fine. 



                ^ Sorry, never heard of them! 

                  Nancy R wrote:

                  ^ Sorry, never heard of them! 

                  I suspect that you are in the majority there.  They have done promo visits to the US but they've never troubled the charts with their two albums. Even in the UK,despite their last album reaching #28 (I think it was), they are relatively unknown. I met them briefly after their last London gig and they are very nice,totally unaffected,people. Their live shows are quite..... interesting. There aren't many artists who flop down and lay on the stage mid-song or run into the audience and start dancing around. 

                    Its going to be a long 21 week wait for their new album, 'Two Ribbons' to be released next April but here's the title track. I've also got tickets to see them in London in January. 


                      Third single out now, the appropriately titled Happy New Year.



                        Rosa Walton of Let's Eat Grandma has appeared on BBC6 Music this evening with a specially curated music mix for the 'Lose yourself' show. Among the artists she's chosen are Radiohead, Cocteau Twins,Brian Eno, Air, Joni Mitchell  .........and Paul McCartney's track, 'This Never Happened Before'.


                        You will need to register with the BBC website to listen to the show.


                          New single Levitation out today, new album (Two Ribbons) out next month and a now a UK tour in October.....2022 has just got a whole lot better.