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        WHO else?

          I am thinking about it, but I have to research about prices

            I'm thinking about going to this one. Does anyone know if its seating or standing on the field?

              Seating, according to Eventtravel's webpage.

                Denny Wingman:Seating, according to Eventtravel's webpage.

                Thank you

                  I got 10th row middle in Munich, no closer tix were available in either pre-sale, except for the 800 Euro Front Row package which sold out before I could give it a thought.

                    I'm going too!!! I am so happy!!! I still can't quite believe it omg!!! I got 13th row, so amazing! It will be my first ever Paul show! Been waiting for this for over 25 years! I've been pretty much born a Beatles/Paul fan, so this is a dream come true for me! Thank you Paul for finally coming back to southern Germany! (last time I was unable to go unfortunately)

                      I booked a ticket for the front row experience this morning!

                      Anyone from here also going?

                        Hi, I'm trying to find a detailed seating plan for Munich stadium. All I can find is one that shows the areas A2, A3 etc. Have you seen a detailed seating plan?
                        Thanks, Iain

                          When you look how fansale-tickets are numbered (https://www.fansale.de/fansale/tickets/rock-pop/paul-mccartney/1007599/7600204#5128770), you can see how they number the differect sections and declude from that where you're seated

                            I found a seating plan on eventim - must have missed it first time. Then last weekend, I found a ticket in floor seating, very happy with that. Thought I'd missed my chance.


                                We had some problems with very bad weather in the last week - with thunderstorms, lots of rain and floodings.

                                I hope the weather will be okay on this day, I don't want to stand in a thunderstorm in the middle of the Olympic Stadion

                                  I saw video from duseldorf when people wait Macca in fron of hotel .
                                  I wonder if some of you guys have a information in which hotel in Munchen
                                  we can wait Paul ?
                                  How people fin him ?
                                  Please help

                                    Next stop MUNICH.

                                    Hope Paul rests up during the week.

                                    I wonder what he does in between gigs.

                                      3 more days until the Munich concert. (per Munich time)
                                      Looking forward to reports and pictures!

                                        I'm looking forward, too.

                                        Hope it doesn't rain, like it did in 2003 (17th May), when Paul played in Munich last time.

                                          They have a new cheap ticket price category on sale now:



                                            In wch hotel is Paul sleep ? Anybody ?