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      Hi! I'm Anabella, and I'm from Argentina. Thanks for letting me introduce myself!

      I've seen Paul on 2010 and was literally one of the best days of my life yet. Then it followed my first gig with my boyfriend (now husband), he was really nice fixing a set list where I started singing and playing keyboard all on my own, with Hello, Goodbye (LOL). And then our wedding. Oh yes, and that day on our honeymoon at the Cavern when Jimmy Coburn invited us to play a song lending Diego (yeah you got it, husband's name) his guitar.

      I play with my him and a friend in a Beatle acoustic band (started as a duette, and now we're a trio), and this year it will be our first time playing at the International Beatleweek. If somebody is going, and see RAM (Argentina) that would be us, and we'lle be thrilled to know you!

      Someone asked us why we play Beatles. The answer came easy: It feels right.

      If you want to know more about us, you can find us on facebook!

      Great week everybody! Beatles Nights!

        Welcome Annabella! I won’t be back to BeatleWeek until 2020, but hope you are there then. Will look for you on Facebook!

        ETA: What are you under on FB? RAM Argentina gives Ram trucks site! 😂