AMORE RAMARRO words by Terri Kay Emanuel


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      MVMT l

      Something dark lurks beneath a brilliant surface

      a man of revolution; a man of freedom

      tantalizing mystic heretic mesmerizing galvanizing tribal flory

      Chopin + Moliere welcome their expat neighbour

      the new tenant's party

      is noisy

      the music is LOUD

      they don't mind

      no, baby, they don't mind

      it's alright

      yeah, it's alright ...


      MVMT ll

      A red rose across my chest

      L.A. woman

      she pays a visit.

      "Amore Ramarro," she weeps.

      I think she's sincere.

      Autumnal demure nervure; a rustle of chestnut leaves.

      A restless revenant midnightliaison as my lost angel sleeps

      tap her on the shoulder

      whisper in her ear.