Keep It Going...Classic Pop and Rock Songs Gone Bad


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      WHAT IF James Brown didn't feel good? What if Journey Stopped Believing? What if the Devil never went down to Georgia? What if Miss Lizzy Didn't Make You Dizzy, The Midnight Train to Georgia was late, Blue Suede Shoes got stepped on, You Are Too a Bird Dog, Hey Jude was Hey Judy, Me and Bobby McGee stayed together, Gregg Allman really WAS an angel, You Haven't Got A Friend, You're So Humble, I Didn't Shoot the Sheriff, Shirking on the Chain Gang, You Turn Me Off I'm a t.v., Take It Hard not Take it Easy, Do you Believe in Tragic, I've Got a Stressful Queasy Feeling, You Look Ugly Tonight not You Look Wonderful Tonight,

      Bourgeois Rhapsody not Bohemian Rhapsody, Bad Air Waves not Good Vibrations, Born To Walk Slowly, Don't Shut Up, Jitterbuggin' Princess, My Heart Muscle Will Stop, Losing My Ambition, American Pie Hole, Maggie May Not, Prancin' In the Dirt Road not Dancin' in the Street, Ladder to Hades not Highway to Heaaven, Daughter of a Yoga Teacher Man not Son of a Preacher Man, Reigned-In Tune not Unleashed Melody,  Obscurity Not Fame,  Carolina Scheming not California Dreaming, I'm An Atheist  not a Believer...


        You have WAY too much time on your hands! 😂

          That doesn't really mean anything. You come in here yourself, more than I.

            It was a joke, ffs!

              Well, it came off kind of snarky. I was just trying to contribute something fun.

                I guess you missed the 😂

                  If we argue amongst ourselves, the terrorists win.

                    "Bad Babes Bickering" (ouch)