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      It's been at least 6 mths, and I'm having troublre navagating this new look.  (it took me 15 mins to resign on!  LOL).  I can't find "IN A HEARTBEAT" so I'll start this one.

      For those who still care, I  cancelled my hip operation 5 mths ago, just after Christmas, (2017).  After a year of waiting, I found those in charge hadn't even put me on the wait list yet!.  Plus they expected me to take a long ferry ride and register in one of Vancouver's expensive hotels, (they're ALL expennsive in Vancouver), for at least 3 days while Vancouver General decided whether to take me or not.  I couldn't stand the stress this was causing on top of the stress of worrying what would happen to my 95 yr old Mom while I was absent, (couldn't trust my older Bro to step up his game); so I cancelled.  You know what?  Tho I still have serious pain, fully 1/4 of it disappeared once I made the decision to cancel.  I'm not kidding.  So I'll try again next year or so, depending on how I feel.  PS:  Not the Shriners, the Military Vets (my Grandpa was one), or Ronald McDonald House was willing to help fund my stay in Vancouver.  "We only do KIDS" was their answer.  Apparently only kids count for help.

      I've been spending my time painting up a storm, which has given me some solace.  I'll post some at a later date.  And I still write the column for the Assisted Living residence's Newsletter where I live.  So that's what's been happening to me these last 6-8 mths.  I'll try to come back more often.

        Very Glad To Have Your HEARTBEAT Back (((LAURA)))!

        Here's a link to your old HEARTBEAT Thread! 


          Good to see you back here Little Laura 

          Do come back more often as you said in your post. 

          Take care.

            Great to "see" you again, dear girl, gonna pray up a storm with my eyes like a demon on fire, for you and yours, and send out good thoughts hopes wishes and dreams for you and to you. They need to help you manage your pain more effectively (and safely). Get on the Write Thing ! Much Luv.

              Thanks guys.  ((( HUG  ))).  It's good to be back.  And thanks for the "Heartbeat" link.  Got meself a new makeover hairdo too.  I LOVE it.  It's kinda like the hairdo from the  title character in "Miss FIsher Mysteries" (Australian) shown on PBS from time to time.  Only mine's altered to a slant bob, with longest part coming just below my jaw line.  I don't suite mid-cheek like she does.  Nothing like a makeover 'do to pirk a girl up!  


                Welcome back.  Some of us never left and we're still having trouble navigating this site.

                I've only heard good things about Vancouver.  Everyone seems to love it.  Of course, your situation is unique.

                I'd love to see some of those paintings.  I'm sure others would, too.  Posting pictures on this site is more complicated than it used to be, but at least it's still possible.