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      Hi all,


      I have been a long term member of this site but not posted a great deal.  I would however be very, very grateful if anyone on here could help.


      My dad and I were very lucky to meet Paul at the Virgin Megastore signing on 22 November 2006.  I have just been told that someone saw me meet the man himself on BBC Breakfast News the day after.  She was living in the Trowbridge area at the time.


      It would mean the world to me to locate this footage.  Does anyone on here have any news footage from the event stored away somewhere?  I am going to contact the BBC Archive too but I know that fans are often the best source of material.


      I would absolutely love to surpise my dad with footage of him meeting Paul!  Any help very gratefully received.



        I wouldn't bother contacting the BBC as the chances of obtaining footage from the archive are slim and if they're willing to release any footage to you to begin with, it will be a very, very costly exercise.


          Thanks for the tip. 


          It's frustrating to think it's out there somewhere!

            One idea is to keep checking YouTube, there might be a video a fan posted on there of the event... I looked and didn't see anything but that doesn't mean there isn't one there, they may have it under another title than the event name.  

            These are a few photos from the event from Getty Images... there's more photos from the event at that site, maybe if you can look at them there's a chance that you and your Dad are in one of the photos?




              Thank you. I've been through YouTube and all the Getty images I can find! Looks like it might be impossible to find sadly.

                Happened to find this video, from http://www.footage.net (a great site for locating hard to find videos all at once from different places!)  It's the part of the signing where the photographers were standing together and yelling while press photos were being taken.   Anyway, hope it will be of help!



                  Thanks very much. It's good to know there's some footage out there! Thank you for trying.